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Like many other SMBs, you will most likely want to backup data to ensure that you have a safety net in case anything should go wrong. Important files could be corrupted, lost, hacked or accidentally deleted and in these cases, you would like to have the safety of a trusted global product capable of fast reliable backups.

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What software do we use?

BackupAssist provides fast, reliable image backup and file backups that allow for quick recoveries of backups should you lose any files or data. It comes with CryproSafeGuard to protect from ransomware and has remote management to monitor and control backup processes on all your sites.

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What do we offer?

If you purchase our services, we will install and manage BackupAssist for you, setting it up to your own requirements. We can set up multiple backups on multiple sites to keep any important files safe.

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With the aim of aiding your business in protecting itself from any file or information losses, we provide on and off site backup services.

This means that not only will you have a backup system in place at your location but you can also have any of your information backed up and stored at our offices.

If for any reason any of the files stored at your  are both compromised or lost, we will have another copy backed up here.

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